You. Yes you with your selfie. You’re beautiful. You don’t need those likes, those comments or emojis. Sure it feels good for a minute, for an hour, maybe even for a day as you see those red notification dots appear. You’ve come to rely on those red dots for approval, affirmation, and boosts of esteem. If only you knew how others viewed you in real life, and how beautiful your soul is. Then maybe you wouldn’t need the perfect photo with filters upon filters to paint an image of how you wish the world to see you; covered up, hiding behind the makeup and the editing tools.

You. Yes you with the pouty face and the cleavage showing. Your caption is about the coffee in your hand but no one cares about the coffee and neither do you. You know people like your photo because of the lipstick, the money shot, and your seductive expression, which only further rewards you for subjecting yourself to society’s superficial standards of beauty. Using your sex appeal to gain likes and followers proves that’s all you find worthy about yourself and tells other’s it’s okay to do the same. Take a look at those likes, I bet they are all from the male domain.

You. Yes you with the fake smile. It’s okay to hurt and to feel pain; it’ll go away in time. But for now you’ll put on the front that everything is fine and glorify every event you attend and every social interaction you have, proving that life will go on after him. Your life is perfect and you’re happy AF now that he’s gone. Something inside of you feels good at the thought he might see your pics and feel a little regret. He might even be envious of your lifestyle but deep down you know it’s false. You smile for a minute and cry for an hour. He’s the one who still has the power.

You. Yes you with the gym clothes, hair done and makeup on. You’re at the gym but you spent the entire time at the mirror perfecting the image you just uploaded. Who are you trying to inspire? You made sure to include 27 hashtags about being fit. Now you relish in the likes, comments and little red dots as affirmation for a job well done because the endorphins released during your workout weren’t quite enough to make you feel good. Wait, even that post didn’t suffice because now you’re posting your après workout meal all healthy and organic. Truth be told you were clubbing hard on the weekend and ate your serving of street meat.

We lie to each other. Authenticity has disappeared. What are we teaching our sisters, our daughters, and our nieces?

You. Yes you with your selfie.


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  1. This piece resonates deeply and is perhaps my favorite my favorite piece of yours. Though guilty at times for some of these, I believe in your point of view deeply. It’s import to encourage authenticity vs. superficialities.

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